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Does It Still Matter?

Mark H. Ballard and Timothy K. Christian

Now available in Kindle format


The Southern Baptist Convention's Conservative Resurgence officially began in June of 1979. That summer the SBC elected Adrian Rogers as its President. Chuck Kelley notes that Rogers' election "proved to be the beginning of an earthquake that would eventually reshape the Southern Baptist Convention ..."


From the election of Rogers, through the Peace Committee report in 1987, the quake's shockwaves rumbled to their peak intensity twenty-one years later. In 2000 the SBC overwhelmingly voted to approve a newly revised Baptist Faith and Message. Chief among its clarifications was the confession's clear affirmation of the Bible as Divinely inspired and fully infallible, inerrant, and authoritative.


For those who celebrated the revised Baptist Faith and Message's clear doctrinal affirmations, and the consequent transformation of all SBC agencies, entities, and educational institutions, the Conservative Resurgence mattered. They believed it was worth their prayers and sacrifices, time and energy to "... turn America's largest Protestant church family away from its liberal drift."


But times have changed. Now, a hot-button issue can grip the nation one day and be forgotten within the next 24-hour news cycle-ancient history; time to move on. In such a fast-paced age, do the doctrinal issues that sparked a movement four decades ago still matter today? If so, why?

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Author Bios:


Mark H. Ballard (PhD, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is the Founding President and Professor of Applied Theology & Church Planting at Northeastern Baptist College. Mark has authored numerous books and has served as a church planter and pastor in New Hampshire, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas. He is the husband of Cindy and father of Ben.


Timothy K. Christian (ThD, University of South Africa; DMin, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary) is the Senior Content Editor at Northeastern Baptist Press. Tim has served as professor of theology at Northeastern Baptist College and Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, as well as pastor in the southeast, northeast, and in Naples, Italy. Tim and his wife, Judy, have two married children and seven grandchildren.

Including contributions from: Johnny Hunt, Chuck Kelley, Michael W. McDill, Ronnie W. Rogers, Paige Patterson, David Allen, Candi Finch, Dorothy Patterson, and Z. Scott Colter.



"Every believer will find encouragement and clarity in this volume. ... As you read these chapters, you will find them faithful to the Word of God and edifying for all the churches in our land."
– Jimmy Draper, President Emeritus, Lifeway

"You will consult Does It Still Matter? often. Each chapter is written by someone knowledgeable in the particular subject matter of that chapter. Read it and be encouraged and blessed."
– Jerry Vines, Two time President, Southern Baptist Convention

"Does It Still Matter? belongs in the hands of the pew member, preacher, pupil, and professor."
– Lee E. Brand, Jr., Vice President and Dean, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, First Vice President, Southern Baptist Convention

"This book ... answers prophetically the most pressing questions of our day. It is a must read for every pastor and lay leader."
– Emir Caner, President, Truett McConnell University

"These eleven masters deal with problematic issues by demonstrating that the God who speaks is still relevant to humanity's problems."
– Marvin Jones, President, Yellowstone Christian College

"This new resource ... is tremendously helpful for anyone who strives to stay strong in Biblical truth and stand for what pleases God."
– Brad Jurkovich, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Bossier City, LA, Spokesman, Conservative Baptist Network

"The title of the book asks, "Does It Still Matter?" The answer is yes. The issues deftly addressed in this short, readable resource are among the most important of our day."
– Rod D. Martin, Founder and CEO, The Martin Organization, Inc.

"This work is written by a coterie of scholars addressing a wide range of critical issues which matter!"
– Anthony Allen, President, Hannibal-Lagrange University

"This superb volume will make a significant contribution to resolving the current crisis of identity that is roiling practically every facet of the Southern Baptist Convention."
– Barrett Duke, Executive Director, Montana Southern Baptist Convention

"Dr. Ballard and his team have accomplished what very few are able to do in writing. Their work, Does It Still Matter? is richly theological, deeply devotional, and accessibly readable for every follower of Jesus."
– Timothy Pigg, Senior Pastor, Fellowship Church, Immokalee, FL

"Does It Still Matter? calls us to an unequivocal adherence to those Baptist distinctives that have defined us through the years as a people on a mission."
– Javier Chavez, Senior Pastor, Iglesia Bautista Amistad Cristiana International

"If I may use the voice of Amos in chapter 7 ... "And the Lord said unto me, Amos what seest thou? And I said, A plumb line." That's what I see in this very timely book – a pertinent reminder of the biblical plumb line of righteousness because it still very much matters and should be heeded today!"
– Lorine Hearne Spratt, First Baptist Church Bossier City, LA

"This volume, compiled by refined-as-gold Christian leaders, will encourage your heart and provoke you to God-honoring action in areas of life that do indeed still matter a great deal."
– H. Sharayah Colter, Founder, Colter & Co.



Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Does Inerrancy Still Matter?

Chapter 2: Does The Gospel Still Matter?

Chapter 3: Does Baptism Still Matter?

Chapter 4: Does The Term Baptist Still Matter?

Chapter 5: Does The Local Church Still Matter?

Chapter 6: Does Grammatical-Historical Interpretation Still Matter?

Chapter 7: Does Expository Preaching Still Matter?

Chapter 8: Does Gender Identity Still Matter?

Chapter 9: Do Gender Roles Still Matter?

Chapter 10: Does The Rapture Still Matter?

Chapter 11: Does The Conservative Resurgence Still Matter?


Product Details:


Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 522

Size: 6"x9"

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-953331-08-3

Published: December 15, 2021

Also available in paperback and Kindle format

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