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Healing Your Hidden Hurts

Stephen Rummage



Hidden hurts are often the most serious, most painful, and most lingering problems in our lives. These are very real spiritual scars we try to forget or ignore, damaged emotions we pretend are okay, inner consequences of past sins we try to keep secret or concealed. But, just like a broken bone that causes pain and swelling beneath the skin, or, worse yet, like a hidden, cancerous tumor that grows and metastasizes, hid­den hurts can cause deep damage to every part of our lives.

Healing Your Hidden Hurts is a scriptural examination of some of the deepest pains we all feel, hurts such as:

- Fears that cripple and consume us
- Anger that damages relationships with people we cherish
- Grief that holds us in its grip and robs us of joy
- Worry that dominates our thoughts and strangles our faith
- Loneliness that makes us feel abandoned and for­gotten
- Guilt that chains us to the sins of our past


As we examine God's Word concerning each of these areas of pain, we will discover that God offers us healing, grace, and release.

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Author Bio:


Stephen Rummage (M.Div., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ph.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary) is the Senior Pastor of Quail Springs Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is the founder of Moving Forward, a radio teaching ministry which airs daily nationwide. Before moving to Oklahoma, Stephen pastored churches in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, and Louisiana. He has been a professor of preaching at Southeastern Seminary and New Orleans Seminary, and currently serves on the faculty of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Stephen and his wife, Michele, have one son, Joshua, who lives in Florida with his wife, Morgan.

Table of Contents:



Chapter 1: Facing Your Fears
Chapter 2: I Am Not Angry!
Chapter 3: Lifting the Veil of Grief
Chapter 4: What? Me Worry?

Chapter 5: Alone in a Crowd
Chapter 6: Crimes and Misdemeanors
Chapter 7: What’s Your Problem?


Product Details:


Publisher: Northeastern Baptist Press (March 2, 2022)

Language: English

Softback: 122 pages

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-953331-13-7

Dimensions: 5 x 8 inches

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