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Victor or Victim

By George Sweet



Through the pages of Scripture to the news reports of today, common headlines shout for our attention. Leaders play the "blame game" instead of solving problems; a hero falls from grace; an underdog saves the day; a woman overcomes tragedy and finds hope; a pastor overcomes threats through faith in God; a man loses everything in life, except his faith; and so on. Everyone has a choice in life to play either the part of a victor or a victim. Choose to be a victor!

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"At the heart of the Gospel is triumph over tragedy, victory over sin and sorrow by the One who could rightfully claim He had been victimized by sinners, but instead entrusted His soul to Him who judges justly. With simplicity and clarity George Sweet demonstrates how this theme permeates the Scriptures and has the performative power to transform lives today, enabling those who have been hurt or sidelined to experience the victory that Christ has both modeled and accomplished."  


Hershael W. York, Dean, School of Theology, Victor Louise Lester Professor of Preaching,The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Senior Pastor, Buck Run Baptist Church, Frankfort, KY

"For a book that presumably takes less than two hours to read, this volume by Dr Sweet deserves much more of your time. This thorough, yet succinct, study flows from the heart, soul, and life of a true biblical counselor. Demonstrated within its pages is that believers in Christ can choose how they deal with life and all it throws at them. Don't miss the abundant practical admonitions and truths that frequent its pages as you are treated to abundant scriptural examples of what it means to be either victim or victor. Choose to study this relevant, inspiring work, and you will not only identify, but learn to choose between the two polar opposites."


Robert A Richards, Preaching Teaching Elder, Grace Bible Fellowship, Petersburg, MI

"Victor or victim? How you define yourself in relation to these two words can determine whether your life is abundant or impoverished. Will you be primarily happy or sad? This is a book of wisdom; with stories from the Old Testament and anecdotes gathered from modern life and it can help you in your journey to victory. This book, Victor or Victim, by Dr. George Sweet can help you find your way."


Phil Steadman, Pastor, Capstone Baptist Church, North Bennington, VT

Product Details:


Publisher: Northeastern Baptist Press (December 11, 2023)

Language: English

148 pages

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-953331-32-8

Dimensions: 5 x 8 inches

$15.99 (paperback)

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